Wake up call 1

It was the day I always dreaded but knew would come. All the years of big stouting, nkwobing, cream caking, shortbread biscuiting and assorted meat in double portions has finally come home to roost. It was New Year’s Day and I was searching desperately for what my goal or resolution for the year would be and then it happened. From the back alleys of a junk cupboard, I discovered a scale. One of those old fashioned white analogue scales with the red marker. I just said let me even try myself and jumped on top. As I put my first leg I could swear I heard the scale say “ejoo” In Yoruba. With confidence I put my second leg, chest out and shoulders relaxed, I looked down, ah “mo ti ja scale !” for those who don’t understand Yoruba, I finished the scale, I saw the end of it. The worst part is that like a very bad Nollywood movie, the scale told me there is still part 2 to be continued.

That is my wake up call. My doctor has also told me that if I don’t want to learn new things in this life, my BMI has to reduce drastically. As a start, I have now bought a new modern digital scale with extra capacity. Now I know the full size of the problem, believe me, it’s more of a mountain than a molehill. I have also downloaded the myfitnesspal app for iPad. This is really helpful as I can track all the calories I eat in a day to achieve my goal. It tells me my Net calories (food intake less exercise) for a day should be 1680. That is tough considering that one generous plate of Pounded yam, Egusi soup and assorted meat with 2 bottles of big stout will easily top that. Lest I forget there should also be at least 200 minutes of exercise a week as well. No problems with determination, Okada will overtake trailer.
I have decided to set myself small targets and by God’s special grace I haven’t fallen off the wagon yet. Came very close last Friday at a friends party. All my guys were there each with their own Star beer, Small Stouts and Brandy and there I was nursing a 400 ml bottle of water like it was Moët Rose I dey drink. Funny enough all that didn’t tempt me that much but when I saw puff-puff I had to say devil get behind me. Like devil said to Jesus, that puff-puff promised me the whole earth if I would take a bite or two. As in Igbo man, I have already calculated that I will make more profit on calories by eating meat and rice than that puff-puff.

Weight loss for a black or African man is not easy but as I say, No Pain, No Loss


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