Tweaking the 5-2 fast diet – The 24 hour fast

I have been doing the 5-2 diet got about 14 months with very positive results. I lost a lot of weight very quickly but have hit a plateau for a long time now. When you hit a plateau you tend to relax a bit on the strict diet regime. 

On a strict 5-2 diet, I was usually in and around my 600 calorie a day limit. Sometimes I go above this but never really above the 900 calorie mark. This I did religiously 2 days a week and I backed it up with burning almost an equal amount of calories exercising on the day of the fast. On reaching a plateau I tended to average 900-1200 calories of food on fast days. Exercises were also less diligent. Needless to say I wasn’t losing any weight but thankfully not gaining much.

This brings me to the 24 hour fast. I discovered this through a gym buddy. The basic idea is to go 24 hours without any calories. It’s not a dry fast as you can and encouraged to drink loads of water and no/low calorie drinks. 

It’s really up to you how you want to time your 24 hours. I have chosen to do a 7 to 7 fast. Actually it’s a 1900hrs to 1900hrs fast. My last meal was 1900 hours yesterday and my next meal will be 1900 hours today.  I see loads of water and sugar free mints in the horizon.

Ike Onwubuya 


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