What is the 5-2 diet?

  • The 5:2 diet involves restricting your calorie consumption to 25% of your energy (calorie) needs, two days a week, and eating normally the rest of the time. This means you’re consuming less calories – so you will lose weight.

    Plus there’s a health bonus – intermittent fasting – the general term for these kinds of diets – is thought to help your body repair its cells, which may help prevent diseases including heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

    Many people also report improved results in health tests like blood pressure and cholesterol testing, alongside significant, and sustainable, weight loss.

    For many of us, the fasting days also make us much more aware of what we eat all the time, so we make healthier choices and savour every meal. Increased energy and a feeling of freedom from cravings and anxiety around food is also really common.

    Source: http://the5-2dietbook.com/basics

    5-2 Fast Diet
    5-2 Fast Diet

    I have found the 5-2 diet extremely helpful in my weight loss program. It may prove daunting at first but if you can get past the first 2 weeks, you body gradually adjusts to it. The trick of getting past the hunger pangs is to keep busy with work and other activities. This type of fast would come in handy for most black and African people that want a lifestyle-based weight loss diet

    Opinion by Ike Onwubuya


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