Is Palm Oil good for weight loss?

Palm oil is one of the most widely used oils in West African cooking. It is used extensively in making soups, stews, potages etc

Red palm is a fruit that is rich in the micronutrient palmolein, which affects the way your liver breaks down sugar. Proponents of the oil from this food claim that you can reduce your body fat by as much as 27 percent by simply adding it to your diet. Although these claims are aggressive — 27 percent body fat loss is an impressive, possibly dangerous, feat — it is possible to lose a substantial amount of weight using this substance as a dietary supplement. Always consult with your doctor before attempting to lose a significant amount of weight.

Step 1

Replace your cooking oils with red palm oil whenever appropriate. This is one of the easiest ways to add the oil to your diet. Examples of inappropriate times include recipes that call for a temperature above 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and baking recipes where red palm oil may substantively change the flavor and texture of the final product.

Step 2
Add up to 1 tbsp. of red palm oil to a smoothie, homemade salad dressing or similar food products. With the right mixture of ingredients, you won’t notice the taste and will still reap all the benefits.
Step 3
Consider taking the oil as a dietary supplement in capsule form. This isn’t as much fun as incorporating the ingredient into your cooking, but it’s an easy way to get your dosage if you don’t have time to cook.

Step 4
Combine the above techniques to take approximately 3 tbsp. of red palm oil per day. Pregnant women can take up to 4 tbsp.

Step 5
Remain patient. Although losing 27 percent of your body fat is technically possible, the process will take several months. Don’t expect immediate, dramatic results, but rather a slow, steady progress towards your goals.
As with other diet supplements, red palm oil can help your weight loss efforts but shouldn’t be considered a weight loss effort in and of itself. You will experience the best results if you use the oil along with a dedicated program of diet and exercise.



Posted by Ike Onwubuya


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