8 Simple Swaps for a Healthier Life

Living a healthy lifestyle can easily become overwhelming. Every day, we read articles telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat and how we can get in on the latest fitness craze. I just love Michael Pollen’s philosophy,  “EAT FOOD. NOT TOO MUCH. MOSTLY PLANTS.” It should be this simple! In this post, we will […]

Posted by Ike Onwubuya 

Cold Showers and Character Building

Discipline and commitment are two overarching characteristics of a worthwhile life. Staying committed to anything is difficult… and staying committed to something challenging is TREMENDOUSLY difficult. And that’s why most people shy away from their pursuits. One way to test and strengthen your will and mental fortitude is to take cold showers. When you walk […]


Can exercise kill you? Maybe. Probably not. High-intensity and your heart.

Copyright, Dennis Mitton Can your exercise routine kill you? Maybe. But lots of things done poorly can kill you. Water can kill you: 6 litres will kill half the people who drink that much (called the Lethal-Dose 50 or LD50). Like coffee? 120 cups will probably put you under. But what about exercise? Isn’t that […]


4 Things You Need to Eliminate From Your Life That Will Make You More Fulfilled

Originally posted on Dream Big, Dream Often: Too often we conduct our lives in such a way that life actually runs us instead of vice versa.  I have used the term “live an intentional life” in the past when discussing this, but what does it actually mean?  To me, living a life of intention means…