“Treadmill” The most popular home exercise equipment

Treadmill A treadmill is a type of indoor exercise machine that allows a person to walk, run, or jog in place. Most are electric, but some can be manual; both sorts operate with a circular belt that loops around a stationary base. They are popular in gyms and sports clubs, and can also be purchased […]



Dreadmills aka Treadmills – Great Resource

Love them or hate them (dreadmills). Essential to surviving your winters in some semblance of fitness in the north; and ditto to surviving summers in the scorching summers in the southwest. Treadmills. I did a 10 mile run on a treadmill once. That was more than enough for me. Did you know there is a […]


Uphill Sidewise Shuffle and Backward Walking with Weight Vest as Low Impact Hill Training

When injury or access to mountain trails prevent you from doing hill training you can employ a treadmill, a weight vest and some creativity to garner an effective workout. A previous post described doing Walking Hill Repeats on a treadmill while wearing a weight vest. In addition to this, try adding Sidewise Shuffle Hill Repeats […]


Moi moi – super food for intermittent fasting and weight loss 

The top picture is a delicacy Nigerians know as Moinmoin. The similar looking bottom picture is called Abara and is a popular delicacy in Bahia, a state in Brazil with 90% black population. Both are made with same ingredients, prepared the same way and the only main difference is Abara is wrapped in banana leaves which is different from what Nigerians use. African culture in Brazil and other parts of south America and Cuba has survived in many forms having been transplanted via slave trade and in many ways much more than in Africa presently. Yoruba language is spoken (and deities worshiped) in Bahia, Brazil and many other parts of South America. So when next you visit Brazil, you can try Abara if you feel like some moinmoin!!

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Posted by Ike Onwubuya