Food of the Week: Banana

Sorry for not releasing a food the week last week. I was busy. However, this week the food of the week is the banana. The banana is a widely consumed fruit throughout the world. Bananas have a plentiful array of health benefits. If you haven’t already, you need to add bananas to your diet and […]


Sadza is NOT Fattening! Excess Calories Are!

Note: This article which I wrote for Her Zimbabwe ( answers the commonly asked questions about an African favorite. Known as Sadza, Nshima, Ugali, Posho, Pap, fufu etc. it is a staple in many households but the age of dieting has made it a villain. But is it really the culprit of excess weight gained?   […]

Fast Food In Africa…An African Dietitian’s Perspective

Multinational food companies are rapidly expanding their franchises across the African continent. As a dietitian, I worry about the rise of chronic diseases often associated with diets high in processed, fried foods and sugary beverages similar to those served in such institution. This is my perspective on what politicians and executives need to do to mitigate impact and promote health.