Courage – Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway

Courage is considered to be one of the Four Cardinal Virtues along with moderation, justice, and wisdom. What is courage, and how do we develop it? Is it just the opposite of having fear or is there more to it?         FEAR Let’s look at fear first. According to Webster’s Dictionary it […]


Recipe Okra (the way my grandmother taught me)

Someone left me a comment, “ko derere munobika here?” (“Do you cook okra?”) I laughed heartedly but when I went to the local store and saw fresh okra on the shelf, I knew I had to pay homage to my grandmother (gogo) while answering the question of the reader. “Hongu derere ndinobika ende sandi kunaka ikoko!” (“Yes, I do cook okra and it […]

A Simple Way to Estimate Portions: The Zimbabwe Hand Jive

To ensure optimal health, you need to control your food portions, but how do you know if the food you are serving is adequate for you? While using measuring tools such as scales, cups and spoons is the most accurate method of ensuring correct portion control, it is not always convenient. A method healthcare practitioners […]