Mindful eating may help in weight loss: study

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Islamabad-A new study led by Carolyn Dunn, a nutrition specialist at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, evaluated effect of being more mindful about eating in a weight management programme. The study will be presented at European Congress on Obesity to be held in Porto, Portugal.

Dunn and colleagues evaluated effectiveness of mindful eating in an online weight management programme called Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less (ESMMWL), developed by NC State University and the NC Division of Public Health.

Although it is preventable, obesity is not an easy problem to solve, as many causes and contributing factors including behaviour, environment and genetic predisposition work together to initiate and maintain the disease, the study states.

Individual behaviour affects diet, amount of physical activity or inactivity and medication use. Environmental factors such as availability of a range of foods, opportunity for physical activity, education and food marketing also have a big impact, the study reveals.

Mindfulness is a type of Buddhist meditation during which a person focuses on his or her present thoughts, feelings and sensations. An important feature of mindfulness is to pay attention without judgement or evaluation – there is no right or wrong thought or feeling, there is only the awareness of what it is right now.

Mindfulness entered the mainstream as a therapeutic practice in 1980s through the work of people such as Jon Kabat-Zinn and his mindfulness-based stress reduction programme at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, where there is now a centre for mindfulness.

The programme uses an approach to mindful eating where the participant is invited to focus on many facets of dealing and interacting with food, such as paying attention to how it tastes, noticing hunger and fullness cues, and planning mealtimes and snacks.

For their study , which takes the form of a randomised controlled trial, the researchers asked people looking to enrol on the ESMMWL if they would be willing to take part. Of the 80 participants who said yes, 42 were randomly assigned to the intervention group and 38 to the control group.

The results showed that the participants who completed the programme lost more weight than the others who remained in the control group for the duration. The average weight loss in the group that completed the programme was 1.9 kilograms compared with 0.3 kilograms average weight loss in the control group, a result that the researchers describe as ‘statistically significant’.

All participants completed the MEQ, but the before and after differences in the total score and the scores on the subscales were significantly larger in the group that completed the programme than the control group.

“Results suggest that there is a beneficial association between mindful eating and weight loss . The current study contributes to the mindfulness literature as there are very few studies that employed rigorous methodology to examine the effectiveness of an intervention on mindful eating”, the authors of the study remarked. Meanwhile, nutrition experts say some people eat gluten-free food when they do not need to, and they might end up eating less healthy food, too.

Walk into any grocery store across the United States and you’ll find thousands of different products lining the shelves. Yet among the many cans, bags and boxes of food. Many of these products have the words “gluten free” emblazoned across their labels. The food trend is so widespread that the term “gluten free” is now synonymous with healthy, according to nutrition experts.

Andrea Garber, is an associate professor of paediatrics at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and the chief nutritionist at the school’s eating disorders programme and childhood obesity programme.

She said that the choice of eating only gluten-free products could be based on perceived health benefits and not out of medical necessity. This could put the habit into what many in her field call the “halo effect.”

The authors said that an overreliance on stocking your kitchen with gluten-free products could pose serious health risks, especially for children. They cited obesity as the number one concern.

“Where nutritional values of gluten-free products do vary significantly from their gluten-containing counterparts, such as having higher levels of saturated fat, labelling needs to clearly indicate this so that patients, parents, and caregivers could make informed decisions,” Dr Sandra Martínez-Barona, fellow lead researcher from the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe in Spain, said.

Garber said that the study is a good example of how confusing healthy eating has become. “Many people need gluten-free foods because of disease,” she said, adding, “But if you do not, and you eat gluten free, you might be undermining your own health attempts.”

People who have celiac disease do have legitimate reasons to check food labels.

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7 side effects of weight loss pills you didn’t know

Source: http://www.tgdaily.com/health/7-side-effects-of-weight-loss-pills-you-didnt-know

Saibu Baba, 13th November 2017

Diet pills are very commonly used for weight loss. These medicines are also referred to as weight loss pills. Such weight loss pills have been in the market for decades, and many of them are readily available over the counter.
But people hardly know that these weight loss pills, that are hugely advertised, have many side effects, some of them can even cause serious health issues while the overdose of few can be fatal.
Here are some of the more significant side effects, that not everyone is aware of.

◦ Increase in blood pressure is a side effect of the weight loss pills that you might not notice initially, but sustained and prolonged use might increase your blood pressure to dangerous levels. These tablets are not at all recommend, nor safe for the purpose of people with diabetes.

◦ Some of the weight loss pills are introduced to you as dietary supplements. These are not pills but some supplement that is advanced to be substituted for food, to reduce weight. Such supplements do not require FDA approval and might be using unsafe ingredients. Such diet pills or supplements can cause serious health risks.

◦ The weight loss pills have diet stimulants that can increase the chances of cardiac arrest. Diet pills or weight loss pills often tend to use drugs that are dangerous and have side effects of increased blood pressure causing a lot of pressure on your heart, increasing the chances of cardiac arrest.

◦ Most of the times the weight loss pills have certain antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs which might cause addiction problems. These drugs should not be taken lightly as any over dosage might cause serious health issues apart from creating an addiction to these drugs.

◦ Some of the weight loss pills are based on the formula to block fat by low absorption of food which may cause fall in nutrient absorption in the body as well. While inhibiting general weakness, it can cause many stomach problems like constipation, bloating and acidity.

◦ Dehydration is another side effect of weight loss pills. Many pills are merely a combination of diuretic and caffeine which can cause water loss leading to dehydration.

◦ Nausea and vomiting can be the side effect of your weight loss pill. Yes, the drugs used in such tablets can exhibit the side effect of Nausea and vomiting while prolonged use may cause severe health hazards.

Apart from the above side effects, there are few things that you must know before you start using these pills for weight loss or even recommend one to your friend.
Firstly, take such pills only through a prescription. Although these are available over the counter, yet it saves you consult your physician and choose a safe and recommended dosage.
Secondly, do not trust any TV advert or newspapers reviews on these products they are paid publicity and might not be true.
So, next time you think of an easy way to reduce weight, try not to go very easy on yourself and risk your life with the health issue of pills. Workout, change your diet; improving lifestyle are few things you can start anytime you want to shed some extra kilos.

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Recipe for happiness

*Symptoms Of Inner Peace*

1) Frequent Attacks Of *Smiling*

2) Frequent Overwhelming Episodes Of *Appreciation*

3) Loss Of Interest In *Judging* Other People

4) Loss Of Ability To *Worry*

5) Tendency To Act Based On *Hope* Rather Than On Fear

6) Ability To *Enjoy Each Moment*

7) Ability To *Give & Receive Love* (inspite of life’s problems)

8) *Sharing* Whatever Little You Have With People Having Less In Life

If Symptoms Persist ….

Just *Be Happy!*


Why walking is good for you

Why walking is necessary ? Good Information !
Ever wondered what happens to your body when you start walking?
Here’s a minute-by -minute rundown of the amazing chain reaction walking and exercise has upon your body, it’s truly amazing!
Minutes 1 to 5
Your first few steps trigger the release of energy-producing chemicals in your cells to fuel your walk. Your heart rate revs-up from about 70 to 100 beats per minute (bpm), boosting blood-flow and warming muscles.
Any stiffness subsides as joints release lubricating fluid to help you move more easily. As you get moving, your body burns 5 calories per minute, compared with only 1 per minute at rest. Your body needs more fuel and starts pulling from its carbohydrates and fat stores.
Minutes 6 to 10
Heartbeat increases and you’re burning up to 6 calories a minute as you pick up the pace. A slight rise in blood pressure is countered by the release of chemicals that expand blood vessels, bringing more blood and oxygen to working muscles.
Minutes 11 to 20
Your body temperature keeps rising, and you start to perspire as blood vessels near the skin expand to release heat. As your walk becomes brisker, you’ll be burning up to 7 calories a minute and breathing harder. Hormones such as epinephrine and glucagon rise to release fuel to the muscles.
Minutes 21 to 45
Feeling invigorated, you start to relax as your body releases tension, thanks in part to a dose of feel-good chemicals such as endorphins in your brain. As more fat is burned, insulin (which helps store fat) drops–excellent news for anyone battling excess weight or diabetes.
Minutes 46 to 60
Your muscles may feel fatigued as carbohydrates stores are reduced. As you cool down, your heart rate decreases and your breathing slows. You’ll be burning fewer calories but more than you were before you started. Your calorie burn will remain elevated for up to 1 hour.
All this happens without a single conscious thought from us – the human body is amazing.

Stay blessed -Stayfit

Walk / Exercise


 🌍Kindly forward to as many as possible.
Have a Happy Walking day..😀🚶

This Is Why Your Personality Type Might Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

This Is Why Your Personality Type Might Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

If you’re struggling to shed the pounds, your personality might be to blame.

This-Is-Why-Your-Personality-Type-Might-Be-Sabotaging-Your-Weight-Loss-Goals_267552623_mazur-serhiyMAZUR SERHIY/SHUTTERSTOCK

Your personality can make plenty of things in life much easier, from choosing your shoes to decorating your house. But it can also work against you—especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Although the science behind personality types is sometimes ambiguous, recognizing your tendencies (both good and bad!) might be pivotal to finally slimming down.

That particularly goes for Type A personalities. Type A people are known for being punctual, organized, and competitive with themselves and others. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? But in the long run, these traits can prevent them from achieving their weight loss goals.

Why? The “one-size-fits-all” approach of most workout and diet programs may appeal to the masses, but they often sabotage the goals of Type A personalities. For instance, you might insist on following through on a workout schedule, despite feeling sore and strained. That could lead to a bigger injury later on, derailing your progress altogether. Plus, following a specific workout or diet plan and not seeing immediate results might cause you to give up entirely. (By the way, this is what your favorite workout secretly says about you.)

While it’s helpful to feel committed to a fitness and diet routine, holding yourself to a strict standard may slow your momentum in the long run, according to Stephanie Mansour, a Chicago-based certified personal trainer and weight loss coach. “It’s good to have a plan, but it’s also important to connect with how your body is actually feeling,” she told HuffPost.

That doesn’t mean you have to ditch your plan completely, though. In fact, you can easily use those bothersome Type A personality traits to your advantage. (You can also try these 42 fast, easy tips for weight loss.) Mansour recommends building some flexibility into your own rules. In other words, you can eat that bit of cake or taking a day off from the gym every once in awhile; doing so will actually keep you motivated and avoid burnout later on, she says.

“What’s important is you have some flexibility to adjust the workout so it fits best for you,” according to Mansour. “Think of it as a roadmap, but ultimately you’re driving the car.”

Congrats, Type A’s! Follow this advice, and you’re one step closer to dropping the pounds for good. But once you do, beware of the surprising ways weight loss can change your personality.

[Source: CNNHuffPost]

10 Best Herbs for Weight Loss & Herbal Tea Recipes

Source: http://www.7daygmdiet.com/best-herbal-teas-for-weight-loss/

There are numerous ways to lose weight naturally such as low carb diets, exercise, surgery, weight loss home remedies etc…However, it is always advised to follow the natural methods so that you don’t end up with adverse effects of those unhealthy methods.

Today, let us look at some of the home remedies that help you shed weight without any sweating. What I mean is that you can try these natural homemade drinks that burn fat without you having to workout. However, with proper diet and right exercises, you can see faster results.

Recently, we’ve seen Sonakshi Sinha’s weight loss journey and wondered how did she managed to get into shape so quickly. Well, her stunning figure is the result of a low carb diet which consists of healthy herbs and spices, in addition to the strict workout routine. Even Parineeti Chopra has lost weight due to a healthy diet plan.

Best Herbs for Weight Loss

Herbal Teas for Weight Loss

The main advantage of including herbs in your diet is they not only burn calories but also cut out any fat derived from the foods you’re consuming. So, they had dual benefits. Below are the list of the top 10 herbs that aid in natural weight loss.


The first and one of the most popular herbs to lose weight is the Ginger root. When you eat Ginger, it increases the thermic effect of the food and makes you feel full (promotes satiety). This would prevent you from eating further, thereby stopping you from inputting more calories to your daily limit.

Since you can’t eat the raw Ginger root, it is suggested to include it in all your meals. Alongside the weight loss benefits, Ginger also enhances the taste of your food.

Ginger Tea Recipe


  • Freshly grated Ginger – 1 tbsp
  • Water – 2 cups
  • Raw Honey – 1 tbsp
  • Lemon (sliced) – ½
  • Cinnamon Stick – 1 (optional; but recommended)
  • Fresh Mint Leaves
  • Cayenne Pepper – 1 pinch

How to Prepare Ginger Tea for Weight Loss?

  • Just using the back of a spoon, peel the ginger root or you can also use a peeler if you have it hand. After peeling the skin, grate it.
  • Now, put a saucepan on the stove and bring the water to boil.
  • Next, add the grated ginger and cinnamon stick into the water and switch off the stove. Put the lid on and let it steep for around 10 minutes.
  • Now, remove the ginger & cinnamon by straining the water into a cup.
  • Add the other ingredients like honey, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and fresh mint leaves to the Ginger water. That’s it! Your Ginger tea is ready.

For best results, drink this Ginger tea twice every day. Once when you get up from the bed (on an empty stomach) and again during the day.

#2.Green Tea

As we’ve mentioned before, Green tea is a wonderful drink that burns belly fat very effectively. It boosts your metabolism and helps your body burn a lot of calories, all thanks to its antioxidant properties. Here are a few healthy Green tea recipes that you can try at home.


Turmeric is one of the most popular spices used in the Indian dishes since our ancestors. It has a lot of antioxidants which aid in weight loss. When you add a tsp of Turmeric in a glass of milk, it increases the flow of bile and thus helps break down fat. The ‘curcumin’ in turmeric is proven to reduce the LDL or bad cholesterol in our body.

Here is how you can use turmeric for weight loss.


The subtropical and topical flowering plant ‘Hibiscus’ is used for medicinal purposes as well as in edible products or herbal beverages. There are many advantages of Hibiscus such as weight loss, strong immune system and it even helps in getting rid of dandruff or acne problems.

Hibiscus Tea Recipe

Bring water to boil and then add the hibiscus flowers (remove the stem) and cinnamon stick. Switch off the stove, put a lid on and let it steep for 15 to 20 minutes. Strain the tea into a cup, add ½ lemon juice, 1 tsp sugar and few ice cubes.

P.S: Those who’re taking medication for hypertension and low blood pressure are recommended to stay away from drinking hibiscus tea as it may impose several health risks.


Although, not popular as the other herbs in the list, Ginseng has many healthy properties. It boosts the energy levels and also burns calories. You can prepare the Ginseng tea by following the same process as the Ginger tea, except that you need to replace Ginger with Ginseng root.


It is a powerful herb for weight loss. You can easily get rid of your water weight by consuming the Dandelion in your diet regularly, all thanks to the phytochemicals which removes the toxins in your body. The roots and leaves are dried and are used to make dandelion tea, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. The dandelion tea stimulates digestion, increases bile flow and also act as mild laxatives.

Dandelion Tea Recipe

Pick up the dandelion greens and wash them to get rid of the dirt particles completely. Generally, the young and tender leaves add more taste to the tea. Dry these leaves under the sun and store them in a container for multiple times.

How to Make Dandelion Tea?

  • Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 tsp of dried Dandelion leaves.
  • Put the lid on, and let it steep for 3 minutes. Stir and let it steep for another minute.
  • Now, serve the tea with lemon juice (1/2), 1 tsp honey and mint leaves.


Have you ever noticed the spicy Oregano that is spread on your Pizza? Yes, the herb is known for its effective weight loss benefits, all thanks to the active component called ‘Carvacrol’, which helps to burn calories naturally.

How to Prepare Oregano Tea?

  • Add 1 tsp of dried Oregano or 3 tsp of Fresh Oregano in a mug and fill it with boiling water.
  • Close the lid and let it steep for 10 minutes.
  • Strain the tea into a cup and add the flavors (lemon juice, honey), and drink it.


The Sage is an excellent herb for people with diabetes. It boosts your metabolic rate, thereby letting your body burn more calories in less time. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and even promotes healthy sleep.

Sage Tea Recipe

The process is similar to that of the Ginger tea, and all you need to do is replace the Ginger root with Sage leaves. BTW, you can have this tea either hot or cold.


Are you looking for rapid weight loss? Then you should consider including the peppermint in your meals. Thanks to its natural appetite suppressant properties, you’ll be less likely to crave for junk foods when consumed before any meal. And when you’re not overeating, you’ll obviously won’t exceed your daily calorie limit. Isn’t it!

#10.Milk Thistle

The main active ingredient in Milk Thistle is ‘Silymarin’, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It helps in decreasing the blood sugar levels and also improving the cholesterol levels in people with Type 2 Diabetes. It also enhances the body’s natural detoxification process, thereby helping you lose weight.

Well, these are a few popular herbs for weight loss. If you want to lose weight slowly and naturally, then you can include any of these herbal teas for healthy fat loss in your daily regime. These herbs not only help you burn fat, but also improves your overall health.

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